Igloo Fantasia Included In All Packages

Hidden in the forest and never before seen are my new enchanting Igloos and all visitors who come to see me will get to see them.


Lapland Igloo Fantasia

New And Included In My Prices

Igloo Fantasia I want to tell you about a very special Santa secret. I have had my helpers build, just for you, two enchanting Igloos, hidden in the forest and only seen by my very special guests. Only my reindeer know the secret of where my magical Elves and Igloo Fantasia is and they will take you there by sleigh but only if you whisper the special secret words. As you glide along you will see my two Igloos in the distance peeking through the trees, made completely of ice and snow. Just imagine being inside, with lights twinkling and the ice glowing – it will be such a wonderful experience. Igloo Fantasia One of my enchanted Igloos is my Elf Wonderland. This is where my Christmas helpers learn all about being cheeky and fun but also it’s where they are busy helping me check every child’s Christmas present request, and they make and wrap all of them, just for you and all the children in the world. Here you will be able to join in the fun and games with my Elves and maybe share a few of my magical secrets. Igloo Fantasia It’s all so exciting I’m fit to burst, and I am so looking forward to sharing it with you and your family. The elves have also been busy in my Artistic Igloo making fantastic ice sculptures. They could be animals or magical figures or any manner of things made from ice. They have even made an ice bar inside where you can have a drink and a snack.* Please make sure you bring your camera for some beautiful pictures of my Elves and Igloo Fantasia and, not forgetting outside in the snow are one or two of my huskies and reindeer. You might see Rudolph, Prancer, Dancer or one of the others who just love to have their photos taken. * Local charges for purchases
Only my reindeer know the secret of where my magical Elves and Igloo Fantasia is!

My Special Lapland Check-List

Items to check
What I offer
What some other companies offer
Meeting Santa Guaranteed Private Family Meeting In a large group
Reindeer sleigh ride A magical sleigh ride in the snowy woods A short 'taster' ride
Husky sled-ride 15-minute ride driving yourselves 2-minutes around a small loop
Snowmobile sleigh-ride Included for everybody Not included
My Elves and Igloo Fantasia Fun and Games with my Elves in my Igloo Not included
My Artistic Igloo Admire my Elves ice sculptures and enjoy a drink Not included
The resort The magical, natural spirit of Lapland Commercialised and busy
Places to stay The best hotels and Christmas cabins Business hotels
Resort helpers My own helpers and Rangers Limited help or just agents
Child reductions FREE places and low low prices Small, token reductions
Airport Transfers Short 25-minute coach-ride Up to 3 hours in some cases!

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