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Welcome to Lapland, my homeland!

It’s not by chance that Lapland is my homeland, or that Saariselkä, the jewel of Lapland’s unspoilt north high above the Arctic Circle, is where I have made my home all these long years. This, truly, is one of the world’s most magical places to visit, nestling in a picturesque, unspoilt wilderness of gently rounded hills and snow-laden forests, 200kms north of the Arctic Circle. A place of mystery and legends, of peace and shimmering natural beauty, where the snow lies deep and crisp and even, reflecting the unforgettable colours of the dancing Northern Lights. Where anything is possible and childhood dreams become reality, for the special visitors who come to see me here each winter. When you visit me in Lapland, I promise to take time out from my busy Christmas preparations, to spend time privately with each family in my hideaway log-cabin home – a cosy, secret place, deep in the quiet forest, which my cheeky elves and friendly helpers will help you find. The local Saari Elves who help me prepare for Christmas are renowned for their cheeky smiles and lively sense of fun, and are never happier than when children come to visit us! But visiting me and my elves is not the only reason to enjoy one of my Christmas breaks in Lapland, with the thrill of crossing the Arctic Circle into the land of the magical Northern Lights.
There’s a whole host of other exciting adventures to experience here in my magical homeland, with husky-sled rides, reindeer sleigh-rides, tobogganing, and plenty more activities to enjoy along the way. You’ll also meet my good friends, the local Sami people, who care for the reindeer and look after Lapland’s unspoiled natural beauty and traditional way of life, and enjoy a taste of traditional ‘Lapp’ cuisine (plus simpler options of course for younger visitors). So please, do join me this year for a wonderful Christmas break, full of fun and excitement, in the magical surroundings of my Lapland home. I promise the children will never forget their adventures here, and that adults too will be captivated by the magic that is Lapland.

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I love to hear from children all over the world, so please write me a Christmas letter this year, visit on your Lapland holidays!

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Santa's Elves »

Santa Claus needs many helpers to ensure all the toys and games are ready by Christmas and his special helpers are called Elves. There are several tribes of Elf, all living in the different forests in Lapland…

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Santa's Reindeer »

We all know Rudolph and his red nose but what about the other reindeer that help to pull Santa’s sleigh and all the many more reindeer that you will see in Lapland?

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Santa's Capital »

The region of Lapland is the area inhabited by the Sámi indigenous people centred in the north of Finland up from the Arctic Circle but also spreading over the borders in to Norway, Sweden and Russia.

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