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Autumn is truly here and Christmas is just around the corner.  I am getting busier and busier preparing for the festive holiday.  Luckily I have an amazing team mixed with reindeers, elves, huskies and my wife, Mrs. Claus, that support me along the way.  This year I have decided to introduce you to some of the key members of my team that will help me to deliver important festive messages to you online.  Not only do they help me with my busy schedule, but they will also be able to help you with all the different queries you may have along the way.  So ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls – I present to you some of my amazing jolly staff members!

meet the team

Nokkela the Elf

Nokkela (or Nokki as we call her) is a fabulous young Elf. Nokki is my clever Elf assistant and she has many talents. She is really good at maths and helps me balance my books! Nokki is a talented storyteller and delights in telling everyone about my daily adventures and experiences.  Nokkela actually means clever in Finnish so her name certainly suits her.

Hannes the Husky

Hannes is my fantastic husky dog! He is a very active dog and he loves anything sporty and outdoorsy, and oh boy is he good at it. He’s in charge of all the fantastic excursions we have here in Saariselkä.  He loves talking about adventures and sports, and is never shy to give some expert advice when it comes to things he’s passionate about.

Mrs Claus

Mrs Claus is my amazing wife and best friend.  She makes sure the whole team is properly fed and looked after; something that is vital when working as hard as us. Not only is she a fantastic cook, she amazes us every time with her fabulous baking! She loves passing on all her secrets and great skills such as cooking, baking and making Christmas decorations.


Rudolf and his red nose may not need a huge introduction, as I believe most of you know who he is. Because he is so playful, he is in charge of all the games, parties and fun events that we do here in Saariselkä.  He loves sharing my secrets with all of the guests and will always get involved with the  fabulous Christmas parties and games.

Want to know more? Nooki, Hannes, Mrs Claus, Rudolf and I will be sharing all our secrets and enthusiasm with you right here, in the blog! So keep checking in for the latest updates from the team!

Would you like to come and visit me and my team in Saariselkä? Call us now on 01483 791 945 or book online right here

Children Go for Free!

Christmas is just around the corner and here in Lapland we’re getting incredibly busy. The temperature has started to drop and sometimes in the mornings the frost lays like a blanket over the grounds, it’s so pretty. I have had hundreds of children visiting me throughout the years and it’s a real privilege to have met so many different families. This year I have decided that I want more children to be able to come and visit me, so I asked my friends in the UK for help. They have decided that the first child in each family (2-5 years old) can travel for free on specific dates to make it more feasible to come and visit me. For example, if you fly from Manchester on the 15th December, the first child in each family between 2 – 5 years old will travel for free!

Santa's reindeer sleigh - Santa's Lapland

For all dates where this amazing offer will be available please see below for the full list. If you do decide to come and visit me on these dates please call my friends in the UK on 01483 791 945.

I cannot wait to meet you all in Lapland this winter!

Best wishes,










Terms and Conditions Apply. Subject to availability.

Experience the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights (or Aurora Borealis) are truly a magical experience you may get to witness when visiting me in Lapland. The whole sky lights up in a spectacular colourful dance and leaves everyone around it breathless. Although I have lived in Lapland my whole life, every time the sky lights up, it fills me with such joy. I love seeing all of you visiting me to experience the Northern Lights!  I wanted to share with you some Northern Light experiences from my friends in the UK, so I decided to call them and ask about what made it so special for them. If you have experienced the Northern Lights I would love to hear from you! Message us on facebook or tweet us @SantasLapland.

Studio Jouni Törmänen, revontulet, Pokka, Kittilä, 9.2002

I had finished my dinner and decided that I wanted to explore the less civilized parts of the town as I had heard that it would give me a higher chance to spot the lights. I had almost given up seeing the lights when all of the sudden dancing clouds covered the sky. I started to take a few photos and it wasn’t until the next day when looking back at my photos I saw all the different colours that had covered the sky. The whole experience was very surreal and left me thinking how incredible nature is and how much there is to see and experience! – Louise  

Studio Jouni Törmänen, revontulet, Rovaniemi, 10.2003

I saw the lights in Saariselkä at the top of the Fell. It was very cold, around – 25 degrees and we had taken the mini buss up to the top. It was late at night and the whole sky was being lit up in green, pink and purple colours dancing above our heads. We just stood there for ages watching the light show, truly feeling at one with nature. It was so exciting and magical! – Cat

41000. Auroras (Large)

I was in Saariselkä at the Arctic Circle Centre and our day with Santa had come to an end. We were heading back to the coach that would take us back to the hotel when one of the snow rangers shouted at us to come down to the frozen lake. When we came down to the lake we could see The Northern Lights dancing across the sky. We all stood around the lake experiencing the magical lights filling up the sky. It’s an unbelievable feeling to experience and it made me feel like I was standing in fairy dust! – Christie

Studio Jouni Törmänen, revontulet, Pokka, Kittilä, 10.2001

It was late at night and all of the sudden I looked out at my window and I saw the whole sky being lit up. I ran outside and just stood there and enjoyed every second of it. The whole sky was moving in bright green colours and I felt like I was part of the movie; Snowman the Movie. It made me feel incredible blissful and lucky to experience this incredible phenomenon. – Dusty

To book your own Santa’s Lapland Adventure call us now on 01483 791 945 or book online right here!

New Opening Hours

Santa's Lapland team of helpers
Santa’s Lapland Team of Helpers

I really hope your family can come and visit me this December so I am delighted to say my cheeky helpers in England are keeping my phone lines open longer than ever to make that dream come true.

From the 1st Sept till the end of March 2015 you can reach my team:-

08:30- 20:00 Monday – Friday
09:00-16:00 Saturday
10:00 – 16:00 Sunday

Whilst they want to be able to answer your queries at a time that suits you, as humans (not elves you see!) they need to rest occasionally, but don’t forget my own personal website never sleeps and is always open for information and live online bookings.

What’s Santa doing now?

Santa and his naughty elves

In my humble opinion, Christmas is the best time of year – all the pine trees in Saariselkä are blanketed with snow, the elves are hard at work in the toy workshop and Mrs Claus is busy helping me with my preparations for the Big Day. But have you ever wondered what I get up to when December’s been and gone?

This year, I’ve got a new webpage right here on the Santa’s Lapland site to keep all my friends around the world posted on what I’ve been doing, all the way up to Christmas. I bet you didn’t know that being Santa’s a full-time job, 365 days of the year!

Of course, it’s seven months to go until I do my most important job on the 24th December but I’m no slacker – if I’m not interviewing elves for a prestigious job in my workshop, I’m grooming the reindeer or making sure my hot chocolate recipe is just right for all the visitors I get over Christmas.

Still, even Santa needs his days off! Like many of the locals here in Lapland, I enjoy lots of outdoor activities like golf and barbecues in the summer when the sun doesn’t set ‘til late (or not at all in June!) I like a holiday as much as everyone else and this year, Mrs Claus and I are dreaming of somewhere with lots of tropical beaches…

Once autumn comes around, I’ll be getting ready for Christmas again – phew!

So if you want to find out what it’s like being Santa for the rest of the year, don’t forget to drop in at my new page. Or maybe you have some suggestions for where we should go on holiday this year, or a new hobby I should try? Tweet me @SantasLapland to share your ideas!

Christmas with a Summer Twist

Being Santa Claus, naturally I love Christmas and everything that comes with it. I love all the preparations, the gift making, all the delicious food, the ambience and the white glistering snow.  In my house in Saariselkä it’s more or less always Christmassy. Summer is just around the corner and although the sun is shining strong, all the snow is melted and the reindeers are grassing we are always keeping that Christmas feeling alive, but with a summer twist. For all of you Christmas lovers I and Ms Claus have put together our top 4 tips on how you can make your summer a bit more Christmas-like!

1. Chilled Mulled Wine

We always love to drink mulled wine (or gloggi as we call it in Finland) and I’m sure you do as well. But why not give it some summer twist and make Chilled Mulled Wine? It is perfect for a garden party or a picnic on the beach.


2. Garden Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are a necessity during the dark winter months but have you thought what an amazing effect it can give to your garden in the summer months as well? Get your Christmas lights out of the box and start decorating your garden, then sit under the trees and enjoy a summer dinner with friends and family. Priceless!



3. Cinnamon Ice Cream

Ms Claus found this recipe for a while ago and we love it (even the reindeers are eating it now)! Nothing beats an ice cream in the shade on a hot summer’s day and mixing it with cinnamon makes it just fabulous. This ice cream isn’t to miss!

ice cream

4. Drink Umbrella Summer Wreath

The Christmas wreath is long gone (in our house the reindeers eat them) and your door and walls are looking empty and sad until next Christmas. But do not worry – make your house a summery wreath made with drink umbrellas. Super easy and fun activity for the whole family to get involved in and it looks oh so festive!


If you have any summery Christmas ideas share them with us on our facebook page or tweet us @SantasLapland. 

x Santa & Ms Claus 


Aurora Borealis Special

Come and see the Spectacular Aurora Borealis, LIVE!

Included in our trips:

  • Return flights direct to Ivalo in Northern Lapland
  • Half board in the 4 diamond Hotel Riekonlinna including airport transfers
  • Warm North-facing Northern Lights Viewing Room within the hotel
  • FREE rental of thermal suits, gloves, boots & accessories
  • FREE evening trip to the wilderness to search for the Northern Lights (less light pollution)
  • Various 2 and 3 night Gatwick and Bristol Departures from tomorrow through to Christmas

Captured on Sunday 1st December 2103!

2 night Aurora Borealis Special

11th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 22nd Dec
£399 per person (based on a twin room)

3 nights Aurora Borealis Special

12th, 13th, 19th, 20th 23rd, 24th Dec
£459 per person (based on a twin room)

CALL TO BOOK NOW – 01483 791 946

These trips are provided by Santa’s Lapland, a trading name of Hotelplan Ltd (ATOL 0025). These trips are subject to availability and may be changed at any time. Prices are correct at time of print. These offers are a one-off and do not include any Santa visit of Santa activity day. Please note that many factors affect how visible the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) are. There is no guarantee of seeing them and Hotelplan cannot be held liable if you do not.

Free Parking at Bristol Airport Offer

Santa WelcomeCome and visit me in Lapland from Bristol Airport and you can park your car for free* at the airport!

My dear friends at Bristol Airport have agreed a special deal for my guests travelling from their airport this winter. You can always rely on the team there; it is one of Rudolph’s favourite stopping points when we head west, their hay bags and carrots are second to none (and their sherry is pretty pleasing too!).

But did you know that Bristol Airport is the UK’s fifth largest airport outside London and the ninth largest across the UK and it is the third largest regional airport in England outside London.

And are you one of the 7 million people live within a two hour drive time of Bristol Airport? Bet you don’t know if you do!

If the weather gets a bit tricksy then you can be sure of a safe reception as Bristol Airport is the only airport in the South West and Wales to have Category III all-weather landing and regularly accepts diversions from other UK airports. Rudolph and the team have had to divert there a number of times, but that might be because of the hay, carrots and sherry as previously mentioned!

Bristol Airport

The Bristol Airport ‘Flyer’ Express bus service (almost as fast as my husky sled rides) links the airport to Bristol Temple Meads station, Bristol bus station, and city centre hotels. In 2010 the entire fleet was replaced with 12 new buses, with frequency increasing to every ten minutes during peak periods. Even I don’t change my huskies that regularly!

So don’t delay, make use of this wonderful offer from my friends and book your trip to see me soon.

* Only applicable to new bookings made between 28/08/13 – 15/09/13 and subject to availability.

Winner of my Lapland holiday competition

Competition Winner

From over 4000 entries my elves have a managed to pick one lucky winner, and the winner is……..


Claire Prosser


Claire and her family will be whisked away on a three-day family trip to Lapland in December to visit me and my elves here in Saariselka, Finland.

As well a private meeting with me in my log cabin home, the Prosser family will also get to take part in a husky sled ride, reindeer sleigh ride, a visit to the Igloo fantasia and Elves workshop, ice fishing and much more.

Thank you to everyone who entered and even though you might not have won, your family can still experience the magic by booking a holiday to come and meet me here in Lapland. Choose from either a 3 day/2 night or 4 day/3 night break.

Win a fantastic family holiday to visit Santa in Lapland worth £3500!

Sorry, this competition has now ended – I’ll be announcing the lucky winner very soon!

Enter my simple competition and you could win an amazing Lapland Holiday for your family to my magical homeland way up north in the snowy Arctic Circle! I’m giving away  a three-day family trip to Lapland in December!

This magical winter-holiday competition is free and simple to enter!
All you have to do is:

Step 1 – Watch the video (carefully!)
Step 2 – Answer the three questions about what appears in the video. Enter your details and you could be one step closer to visiting me in Lapland!

Step 1 – Watch the video

Read on to enter the competition…

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My Special Lapland Check-List

Items to check
What I offer
What some other companies offer
Meeting Santa Guaranteed Private Family Meeting In a large group
Reindeer sleigh ride 7-10 minute ride in the snowy woods A 2-minute 'taster' ride
Husky sled-ride 15-minute ride driving yourselves 2-minutes around a small loop
Snowmobile sleigh-ride Included for everybody Not included
My Elves and Igloo Fantasia Fun and Games with my Elves in my Igloo Not included
My Artistic Igloo Admire my Elves ice sculptures and enjoy a drink Not included
The resort The magical, natural spirit of Lapland Commercialised and busy
Places to stay The best hotels and Christmas cabins Business hotels
Resort helpers My own helpers and Rangers Limited help or just agents
Child reductions FREE places and low low prices Small, token reductions
Airport Transfers Short 25-minute coach-ride Up to 3 hours in some cases!

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