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Checklist - Top Tips from National Press

06 Nov 11

Last year two top national newspapers, The Times and The Mail on Sunday, printed advice features about travelling to see me in Lapland and how to choose the right holiday package. See what they said below – with my own personal views on each point!


Advice from “The Mail”


“Will you get a private audience with the big man in red himself?”

Santa says… With my own magical trips in this brochure, of course this is absolutely guaranteed for you and your family. Page 8 has all the details.


“Analyse carefully what is in your package.”

Santa says… A very good point! There are several places in my brochure that highlight exactly what’s included in all my holidays. Check out pages 4-5, and 16-19 for details!


“Check what activities are covered in the package price.”

Santa says… I’ve heard about some other trips that muddle what activities are or are not included. On my own trips here, this is crystal clear.


Advice from “The Times”


“Do your research and check what is included in the price, along with the itinerary.”

Santa says… Again, this is sound advice indeed! My special Santa’s Magic and Santa’s Spectacular itineraries are shown in full on pages 16-19, where you can clearly see everything that is included in my holiday prices.


“You really do get what you pay for, and what looks like an expensive package may well turn out to be better value, because it includes all the activities and cold-weather clothing.”

Santa says… Quite right! Thermal suits, boots and accessories are included in all my chosen holidays to keep you warm, as are all the activities on pages 16-19, so no further expense is necessary.


“Not all companies provide a private meeting with Santa, so check this.”

Santa says… I don’t want to sound conceited, but there really is no point coming all this way and then not meeting me properly as a family! So rest assured, this is an absolutely guaranteed highlight of all my own trips! Before you book, check what I include in the price of my trips on the table below… 


Santa's Magic

3 & 4 Day Breaks Available

Search by snowmobile sleigh for my secret home and a private family meeting with me. Huskies, reindeer ride and snow fun activities are also included!

from just


Reduced rates for children available

Based upon per adult prices.

Santa's Aurora

3 & 4 Day Breaks available

Discover my secret home by reindeer ride for your private family meeting with me. Snowmobiles, huskies, a unique wilderness dinner and fun snow activities are also included.

from just


Reduced rates for children available

Based upon per adult prices.

Elf with number 3 and 4