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Experience the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights (or Aurora Borealis) are truly a magical experience you may get to witness when visiting me in Lapland. The whole sky lights up in a spectacular colourful dance and leaves everyone around it breathless.

Although I have lived in Lapland my whole life, every time the sky lights up, it fills me with such joy. I love seeing all of you visiting me to experience the Northern Lights!  I wanted to share with you some Northern Light experiences from my friends in the UK, so I decided to call them and ask about what made it so special for them. If you have experienced the Northern Lights I would love to hear from you! Message us on facebook or tweet us @SantasLapland.

"I had finished my dinner and decided that I wanted to explore the less civilized parts of the town as I had heard that it would give me a higher chance to spot the lights. I had almost given up seeing the lights when all of the sudden dancing clouds covered the sky. I started to take a few photos and it wasn’t until the next day when looking back at my photos I saw all the different colours that had covered the sky. The whole experience was very surreal and left me thinking how incredible nature is and how much there is to see and experience!" – Louise
"I saw the lights in Saariselkä at the top of the Fell. It was very cold, around – 25 degrees and we had taken the mini buss up to the top. It was late at night and the whole sky was being lit up in green, pink and purple colours dancing above our heads. We just stood there for ages watching the light show, truly feeling at one with nature. It was so exciting and magical!" – Cat
"I was in Saariselkä at the Arctic Circle Centre and our day with Santa had come to an end. We were heading back to the coach that would take us back to the hotel when one of the snow rangers shouted at us to come down to the frozen lake. When we came down to the lake we could see The Northern Lights dancing across the sky. We all stood around the lake experiencing the magical lights filling up the sky. It’s an unbelievable feeling to experience and it made me feel like I was standing in fairy dust!" – Christie
"It was late at night and all of the sudden I looked out at my window and I saw the whole sky being lit up. I ran outside and just stood there and enjoyed every second of it. The whole sky was moving in bright green colours and I felt like I was part of the movie; Snowman the Movie. It made me feel incredible blissful and lucky to experience this incredible phenomenon." – Dusty

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