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Santa’s Elves Practice Ice Sculpting

I thought I had seen everything on my travels around the world and after working with my Elves for so many years. I was wrong, I have just had one of the best days of my life watching some of my Elves practicing and learning to sculpt ice.


Ice Donut or Snail?There were some good attempts from those that are just starting out, those that have been doing it for years produced some fantastic sculptures and these will be used as examples for future practice days. We had a great time with attempts at everything from prancing horses to flying eagles and even the odd self portrait, I’m not sure what the one in this picture is supposed to be, a snail or a donut perhaps, whatever it is I am happy this particular Elf had a go. There was even one instance where an elf got stuck while climbing up his sculpture, the other elves thought this was very funny and covered him in snow see the picture…