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Santa's Favourite Selfies!

Here a a few of Santa's favourite selfies from guests and elves alike! Thank you to all those who took the time to send them in!

Catherine Bennett with her new best friend on a reindeer sleigh ride!

The cheeky elves stole Ess Bee's phone to take a selfie! 

Someone is excited to be taking a selfie with a reindeer! (The reindeer doesn't look as impressed...)

The Robinson family having a 'who has the biggest mouth' contest!

You are NEVER too old to play in the snow!!

Helen Morley and partner's date night was interrupted by a rather large furry friend! 

Sarah Pattinson and family preparing for an amazing husky sled ride! #MushMush

Hannah Davies and Family thinking 'Some impressive antlers there!'

Susan Williams and family off to search for the big man himself! #SearchForSanta

Kate Coward and family thoroughly enjoying husky sledding!