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Santa’s Lapland 2013 brochure ready for booking

My friends at Santa’s Lapland got in touch with one of my elves today to let us know that all the lovely families that want to come and see me can now book their Santa’s 3 day Magic or 4 day Spectacular break for December 2013.

Prices start from £699 per person for adults, £169 for children aged 6-11 and £99 for children aged 2-5. As a reward for those super excited families they are offering £100 off per couple for early bookings on all dates except the 19th and 20th of December and an extra £50 off for a limited time only! That means a family travelling with Grandma and Grandad could save £300 on their booking! On top of this they are offering free child places to children under the age of 5 on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 9th,10th and 11th of December. These places are limited to 1 per family and apply to the youngest child in the group. Last year so many families came to see me here in Lapland that my friends have had to another airport to their existing list. They now fly from Bristol as well as Manchester and London Gatwick. I will be meeting the first families when they come out to see me on November 30th all the way up to those lucky families arriving on Christmas eve. My elves have been playing on the computers so that you can book online (half board only) or call one of my elves on 01483 791945 for bed and breakfast options. (Mon to Fri 9am-6pm ,Sat 9am-4pm). For more information about these extra special holidays check out www.santaslapland.com or come and join me and my friends on facebook at www.facebook.com/SantasLapland