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Top 5 Christmas Apps for Children | Santa's Lapland

Christmas is not quite upon us, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan ahead to the busy festive period. Occupying children’s time is fast-becoming that little bit easier, thanks to many applications that are available to download across the Apple and Android stores.

Here are our choice top five for your children’s entertainment. Careful, they are highly addictive and should be saved for the run-up to Christmas.

NORAD Santa Tracker

Traditionally found at NORAD Santa Tracker, this app is the ‘future’ of the North American Aerospace Defence Command’s popular children’s (and adult’s!) Santa Tracker. Operational from 1st December every year, you can track Santa in ‘real-time’ as he prepares for Christmas through the Advent countdown, as well as on the night itself when he is busy trotting around the world.



Download –  Apple | Android

Elf Yourself

An old favourite for all of the family. Take photos of yourself and your children then upload them into this app to see yourself doing the funky dance moves to a variety of different songs. Traditionally passed around by email in the office come winter, you can now enjoy the magic on the move whilst on holiday with the family.

Download – Apple | Android

Christmas Colouring Book

Who doesn’t like colouring? It is entertaining, takes time and occupies children – even to the point where they will fall asleep on a journey. And with this app, you won’t run out of pages to colour!

Download –  Apple |Android

Find the Scout Elves – Elf on the Shelf®

Eye-spy is a classic, if not somewhat repetitive, game. For that reason, why not download this app? Designed for children and great for keeping them occupied, you can save yourself a bit of hassle trying to guess that word beginning with “S”. Christmas Tree!

Download – Apple | Android

Santa Cam Fx

Christmas magic is what makes this time of the year the best in younger children’s eyes. The way the carrots are magically eaten and the milk has been drunk. Even the cookies are gone! But, maybe the magic is dwindling. Surely filming your own home and seeing Santa Claus walking the steps of your lounge will fan the magical flames. After all, seeing is believing.

Download – AppleAndroid