Lapland Reindeer Rides

Santas actual reindeer

A peaceful, soothing ride through fresh snow with Santa’s reindeer friends and your Sámi guide. reindeer with family on sleigh

Available with

Santa's Magic Santa's Aurora 2 night trip 3 night trip


1 - 2 hours (30 minute sleigh ride)


from £103 per adult. from £72 per child (2-11 years).

This is how Santa gets around. Meet his magical reindeer, learn all about them, then take a trip in the sleigh. See why they’re such a big part of local cultural traditions.

The reindeers are gentle, majestic animals, making this Reindeer sleigh ride tranquil and completely relaxing as you meander through the Lapland wilderness. It’s bliss.

Santa's Magic - duration and pricing

The duration of the experience is 1-1.5 hours (30 minute sleigh ride) and prices are £127 per adult (12+) and £95 per child (2-11). 

Santa's Aurora - duration and pricing

The duration of the experience is 2 hours (30 minute sleigh ride) and prices are £103 per adult (12+) and £72 per child (2-11). This is only bookable on the 3 night trip.


Rudolph’s Reindeer Run

Your Sámi guide will tell you tales of their history with reindeer, and how they’re suited for life in the snow. It’s a beautiful, tranquil way to see the Lappish scenery.

The first moment you pull away is the moment your eyes widen with joy and everybody grins from cheek to cheek. You’re off into the snowy landscape with your reindeer friends, cosy under your blanket.

Listen to the jingly bells, the crunch of the snow and the clops of reindeer shoes as you travel gently into the quiet wilderness on your Santa's Lapland holiday. 

The story of Santa's Reindeer
  • Santa’s original eight reindeer are Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen. 
  • The story of Rudolph originates from 1939 when he helped Santa on a foggy Christmas Eve and guided the sleigh with his red nose. 
  • Much like Christmas, Rudolph’s nose glows only once a year, during his most important trip - dropping presents around the world on Christmas Eve!
Fun reindeer facts
  • Most reindeer roam freely around Lapland, but some are kept and trained for sleigh rides.
  • Reindeer are naturally timid animals and were the main mode of transport before the snowmobile came along.
  • Both males and females grow antlers which fall off between December and the summer depending on the age of the animal. 
  • Their hoofs adapt to the climate. In winter they shrink and tighten to expose the rim of the hoof, to stop slipping and help them dig through the snow.
  • Their favourite food is lichens, sniffed out by their sensitive noses.

How to book our Reindeer rides

Book at the same time as your holiday, after you've booked via 'Manage Your Booking' or call us.

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Santa's Magic 2 night trip 3 night trip
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No one knows how to make Christmas more magical

The Complete Lapland Package

Flights, transfers, half-board accommodation, a fun-filled activity trip and snowsuits are all included.

Snow Guarantee

Seeing Lapland in the snow is all part of the experience, so if we decide that there’s not enough snow, you can change your travel dates, within the same season, or get a full refund.

The Perfect Location

A remote spot in the far north of Finland, 200km above the Arctic Circle among the snowy trees of Saariselkä.

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