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Letter From Mrs Claus

Hello everybody, it is so wonderful to finally have a chance to speak to you all, and only 34 sleeps until Christmas!

I have been so busy with my baking. Although Santa certainly likes his cake, the trickiest cakes are for the Elves, like our friend Nokki, they are so fiddly when they are so small!

As you might imagine, although we are always busy here in Lapland, November is particularly busy for us.
All of the Elves are working even harder than usual to finish off all of your presents, 
Rudolph and the other reindeer are completing their final test flights, and Santa has just finished his first check through of the ‘Naughty’ and ‘Nice’ list check, ready for the second check over the next month. All of this flurry of activity means that everyone needs even more feeding!



Nothing makes me happier than putting smiles on faces and filling hungry stomachs with my cooking!

In the coming weeks before Christmas I will even be sharing some of my magical recipies with you..so check back soon! Oh no, I think I can smell burning, Santa will be upset!

Must be off..speak soon!