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Arctic Circle Centre: Pancake Kota

Need to warm up those fingers and toes? A little bit peckish but not quite ready for lunch yet? Then head over to our traditional ‘Sami Pancake Kota’ at the Arctic Circle Centre!

 A Kota (or Lavvu) is a temporary structure, similar to a Native America Tipi, that has been used (and still continues to be today) by the native Sami people of Scandinavia, since the 17th century. It is built from three or more, evenly spaced, forked or notched poles that form a tripod, with a number of straight poles laid against it. It is then covered with a heavy textile, traditionally reindeer hide, that blocks out the light and cold.   

Lit by the orange glow of the warming fire in the centre of the floor, it’s the perfect place to sit and relax. Take a seat at one of the chunky oak tables situated around the edge of the Kota and treat yourself to a scrummy, freshly cooked pancake. Filled with sticky sweet fruit jam that’s bursting with flavour, which just makes you go ‘Mmm’! You can even add a dollop of cream to enhance the incredible flavours that will be dancing on your tongue.   

 To help those pancakes go down easily, pour yourself a cup of steaming hot berry juice and let the deliciously delectable liquid, warm you up all the way to your toes, until you’re toasty and ready to head back out into the snowy wonderland that’s brimming with magical activities for you to enjoy! Once you’ve tasted one you won’t want to stop there, and the best thing is…….you don’t have to! You can continue to drop into the pancake Kota all day, to heat yourself up and eat as many of the scrumptious pancakes as you like.   

Our current record is 14 in one day! Think you could beat that?!