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Aurora Borealis or The Northern Lights

Many scientists are predicting the best Aurora Borealis or Northern lights over the next 12 months than there has been for the last 50 years, possibly century. Some are even predicting the peak of activity in May 2013.

What ever the scientists say I know that every year the Northern Lights dance across the sky over Saariselka, Lapland and all of the families that come to see me get the chance, if the skys are clear to see this amazing spectacle. So if you’re planning to visit me this year the show should be even better than ever. What’s more if you book the optional extra ‘Northern Lights Adventure‘ you’ll get to drive out on a snowmobile into the wilderness to a great viewing point to take in the show at it’s most amazing.


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Breathtaking images of the Northern Lights over the Arctic circle They are one of Earth’s most stunning natural spectacles. Few people are lucky enough to see the Northern Lights which paint a breathtaking colour backdrop across the wilderness of the Arctic circle. The nightime display could be seen across Scotland, Canada, Norway and even the north-east of England last week after the biggest solar storm in more than six years Read the full article on The Daily Mail Online