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We’ve discovered some brilliant games and activities to get you going, and they’re not just for Christmas!

Shake it up! Make a snow globe featuring your favourite character

Use strong glue to attach a plastic toy to the inside of a jar lid, then add baby oil and glitter for a homemade snow globe. 


Photo by Kindra Clineff 

Fab feeder! This one’s for the birds – make a feeder for your garden

Hollow out an orange and fill it with seeds to feed your feathered friends. 


Photo by Heather Weston 

Skittles! Decorate empty plastic bottles for your own bowling alley

Decorate plastic bottles and fill a quarter of each bottle with sand – this will ensure they stay standing, before you knock them down. Use a beach-ball or a football. 


Photo courtesy of Goodtoknow.com 

Treasure Hunt! Be the first to find a list of hidden objects

Fun for summer days in the garden – hide treats and small gifts and give the children clues so they can find them 

Marshmallow grabber! How many can you pick up with chopsticks?

Put a pile of marshmallows in the middle of the table and give yourself a minute to pick up as many as you can – one by one. Make them mini-marshmallows to make it more of a challenge.


Photo courtesy of ActivityBucket.com 

Magic pictures! Draw with a white crayon…then reveal your creation

Such a simple idea, but so effective! Grab some white paper and draw your picture with a white crayon. Then paint over it with watercolour paint and your drawing will appear like magic!


Photo courtesy of FactoryDirectCraft.com

What are your favourite games or activities? Let us know...