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Hello from the gang

After allowing myself a short rest at the end of last year, I’ve been busy designing amazing news toys with the help of Mrs. Claus and the elves.

An update from Santa


Designing is one of my favourite things to do and now I’m already looking forward to next Christmas! I’ve also been checking we’re on track preparing this magical place for welcoming you all at the end of the year. We may have plenty of time, but I know how quickly Christmas creeps up on us all!

My Elves 

When they’re not being mischievous – my elves are actually very helpful. They’ve been trying out some of my new inventions and have been keeping the area spic and span. And I’ve been able to give Mrs. Claus a break by setting them to work – she’s the one who has to keep them in-line when I’m away! They are easily distracted though and are constantly giggling! Not that I mind – it’s great hearing so much laughter.

My Reindeer 

Like me, my reindeer needed a long rest after the enormous adventure of Christmas Eve night. Now they are almost back to pull strength and have been helping the elves with some of the more manual tasks around Lapland – like pulling the collected firewood to the house. However…Rudolph has been shirking his responsibilities…to see what I mean, click here!

Mrs. Claus 

The lovely Mrs Claus is my rock. Her support is unwavering and she’s really looked after me since I returned after Christmas. I have been very pleased to try the new recipes she’s been trying too. Cinnamon and apple pie quadruple-chocolate cookies!! 

We can’t wait to welcome more guests here – it’s the best time of year! Meanwhile, we’re keeping busy so all visitors will have the time of their lives while they’re here. 

See you soon, 
Love, Santa x