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If Children Ran Christmas

Part of the magic of Christmas is seeing the day through a child’s eyes… so I asked 500 children in the UK aged six to 10 what they would do if they were in charge of Christmas, and what they love about it.


Whether they wanted to visit me in my home in Lapland, “give presents to all children that are poor and hungry” or just “eat more cheese”, the results are sweet, funny and heart-warming:


The survey also showed that in addition to presents, family and helping others, many children chose ME, Santa, as well as snow and  Lapland holidays as their favourite things about the festive season. I am glad to see that today’s children appreciate the magic of spending Christmas with their families in the snow and helping those in need, in addition to getting presents and eating all the Christmas cake (or lobbying for it to be banished from the table, in the case of several respondents)!