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Introducing Nokki…

Hi! My name is Nokki (well Nokkela, but pleeeaaaase don’t call me that – only Mrs Claus calls me Nokkela when I’m being cheeky) and I am the only Elf in Lapland.

Well that may not quite be true, but I am definitely the best (and the naughtiest)!


Apart from, only very very occasionally being a little mischievous, I am good with numbers. I used to love maths at elf school and I now help Santa with all of his adding up – I think that all of the numbers get muddled up in his beard, but don’t tell him I said that. One of the best things about my job is that I get to put together all of the deals that make it even better value for you to come and see me. I suppose you can visit Santa too, but most importantly, me! As you can imagine, with all of my adding up and taking away of lots and lots of numbers, along with my role helping all of the children and their parents, I don’t have much free time. Usually, I spend this playing little jokes and having as much fun as possible, but I promise that whenever I can, I will let you know all of the very best offers for your Lapland Holiday. This week, we have some great Santa Trip options, whether you have a big family or you and just Mum or Dad would like to come.  

If you are a family of 4*…

03/12/2014, Santa’s Magic, 3 days Departing Manchester, Santa’s Hotel Holiday Club, Type A bedroom £1,599, saving you £918 – that’s less than £400pp!

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Or if it’s just 1 adult and 1 child*…


01/12/2014, Santa’s Magic, 3 days Departing Manchester, Santa’s Hotel Holiday Club, Type A bedroom £1299 Total!


This one is only available over the phone… 01483 791945 If neither of these offers are right for you, don’t worry! I have been very busy with Santa, and have lots of lots of offers. It was super to meet you, but I must run off as I am going to join my friends at the Igloo Fantasia… but I will tell you more about that next time..!


Shhhh…Nokki’s Secret Deal!

There is now free airport parking for new bookings from Bristol on 23rd December, as well as a free family snowmobile ride!