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Photo Tips and Gift Ideas: How to Preserve Your Enchanting Holiday Memories

Little ones grow so quickly, meaning it’s extra important to capture magical moments like holidays, family gatherings and Christmas!


Every year people ask me for a camera or smartphone under the tree, but then they become too busy to edit or share their precious family photos. To be fair, even I am guilty of that sometimes, especially when there are toys to build, huskies to play with, and reindeer sleighs to ride. After all, I’m not only busy during the festive season! To help inspire you, I’ve gathered some tips from my expert elves on how to best preserve your family photos:


Beautiful Photo Books



It’s tempting to upload your pictures to Facebook and call it a day, but I’d bet my beard that Facebook won’t be around forever. You also don’t want loved ones who aren’t on Facebook to miss out on the special family photos. While traditional scrapbooking is time-intensive, online services allow you to easily upload photos, add captions, and print out glossy and high-quality photo books. This way, you can show them to family over a cup of tea, or give them a copy as a special gift. My elves make thousands of photo books and calendars as pressies every Christmas, and they recommend Blurb, Photobox and iPhoto (to name a few). If you documented your family Christmas break with a mobile phone instead of a camera, don’t despair – you can order special Instagram photo books and prints from Printstagram (you can see one in the photo above), and Blurb creates photo books, calendars and more from Instagram and Facebook photos. As we discussed earlier, the Postagram mobile app even sends real-life postcards from smartphone photos.


Easy Photo Editing


It can be tricky to capture a perfect photo in the Lapland dusk, flying through the twilight in a fast-moving sleigh or surrounded by reflective snow. Thankfully, Picasa is a free photo-editing program from Google that allows you to fix exposure, eliminate red-eye, and straighten photos with ease. What makes Picasa great for busy parents is the “I’m feeling lucky” button, which is an all-in-one fixer-upper. Don’t abandon your underexposed photos or struggle with Photoshop for days – just whiz through your albums with this button, and you’ll look like a pro photographer in no time. Next year’s Christmas card photo of me, the elves and Mrs Claus is looking better already! If you are a more advanced photographer, Picasa still has the tools for you, from detailed colour correction to fill light and filters. If your loved ones struggle with computers, why don’t you offer to fix up their photos for them?


How do you preserve your family holiday memories?
Do you prefer to put your photos on Facebook, or do you share them another way too?

Images: Mr. Claus reads a family’s letter to Santa, from Santa’s Lapland, and a mini photo book from Printstagram