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Santa’s Home

After his summer holidays, Santa’s back home and is busy preparing for all his guests that are visiting Lapland. Find out exactly what he’s up to!

Santa on a sleigh pulled by a reindeer

T’was still not the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stir- wait, who’s that knocking at the door?

It’s Santa! Despite all the fun he had on his summer holiday, he is finally home with a very important job to do, preparing his home for all his guests looking to enjoy the best Lapland holiday.

With less than 130 days until Christmas, Santa spent his journey home writing a list of all his tasks he needs to do (Mrs. Claus would certainly be impressed). From sprinkling magic dust on the reindeer to briefing the elves, read on to discover exactly what Santa has been up to back home in Lapland.


Briefing the elves

Whilst Santa’s been away, the elves had their own little party! With a few too many mince pies and glasses of milk had, they are keen to get back to doing what they do best – making toys! Santa has been updating his naughty and nice list all summer long, but now back in the hands of the elves, they can begin creating some wonderful presents for all the good children.

The elves have been busy raising the baby reindeer as they grow into adulthood. From feeding them carrots to taking them out on snowy walks, and of course, reading them Christmas bedtime stories! Santa was impressed to find the reindeer trained and ready to help him distribute presents this year.


Carving the husky and reindeer sledges

Huskies in the snow

Santa heads to the husky farm to visit some of his favourite furry friends and with a few licks to the face and a lot of tail wagging later, Santa’s huskies start sprinting across the snow, practising for when guests want to enjoy their spectacular husky ride.

With a vision in mind, Santa starts carving out husky sledges that will be perfect for smoothly gliding on the snow. He rounds up his furry friends and decides to give the sledge a test run!

Santa also makes the Reindeer sleighs, ready for people to enjoy a magical ride. Although for elf and safety reasons, these reindeer will stay firmly on the ground!

Once the sleighs were all finished, Santa added the finishing touches including some cosy blankets onto the back seat, ready for guests to snuggle underneath and keep warm whilst they are gliding across Lapland’s beautiful landscapes.


Sprinkling magic dust on the reindeer

Huskies in the snow

After a summer of chomping on carrots and relaxing, the reindeers are well and truly ready to get back into the festive magic. With time ticking away until Christmas, Santa has started preparing them to fly once again by sprinkling a bit of magic dust on them each morning.

The reindeer love it when Santa takes them out on a sleigh ride, especially when they have magic dust and they can fly over the wonderful Lapland scenery.  All of Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and of course Rudolph, are counting down the days until they can meet all the new guests and take them around their favourite spots.


Starting to decorate

Christmas tree decorations

Although Santa travels all around the world in one night, he still manages to have time to stop and appreciate the wonderful decorations people use at Christmas time! So, to make sure his decorations are equally impressive, he starts to pick out the finest Christmas trees, as well as the best baubles, tinsel and ornaments to put on each tree. Santa, of course, coordinates all his decorations, although his favourite decorations are, of course, red!


Preparing the snowmobile


Ready for those who love adventure, Santa prepares the engines for the fantastic snowmobile safari, which is the perfect way for you to explore Lapland’s snowy wilderness. He lays out the balaclavas and helmets ready for his guests, as well as prepping the safety briefs! Although the snowmobiles don’t go quite as fast as his magical sleigh, they are equally as fun!

Now that Santa has completed his jobs, he can’t wait to welcome you and all his friends to his home this winter. If you would like to visit him and see all the fun activities he’s prepared, then a trip to Lapland is just a booking away!