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Santa's in Lapland | Santa's Lapland

Santa Claus arrived back in Saariselkä Lapland this week after taking his long summer holiday visiting many destinations around the world.

The Sami people welcomed him back and are looking forward to clear direction with his new found knowledge of the top toys for this years Christmas Holidays.

Santa’s holiday took in 3 and 4 day short breaks in many of the top cities around the world including; London, Hong Kong, Sydney and New York. As well as taking an enjoyable holiday Santa also carried out research on his travels and visited some of the top toy manufacturers in China as well as the electronics experts in silicon valley, california, USA. Taking a family holiday or short break is always a great way of spending time with the family, although from early reports Mrs Claus seems to have more luggage on her return from their holiday than she has when they first left Saariselkä Lapland.