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The Lapland Look – what to wear..

What an amazing time you’ll have in Santa’s Lapland! When you get into resort you will be provided with a thermal onesie, thermal outdoor boots, a pair of woollen socks and thermal mittens. But for the ulitmate Lapland look, you’ll need…

Thermal Base Layers – Long Sleeved tops and trousers. The key to keeping warm in the colder climate in Saariselkä is being able to layer up appropriately. It is easier to control your body temperature by adding or removing a layer. The layers also help to trap the air to keep you warmer, so think about packing more thin layers rather than one bulky jumper. Although it is cold outside, inside there is heating the same as any hotel around the world! 

Balaclava/Buff – especially for children, these are great for keeping the wind chill off your face when going on the Huskies etc!

Warm Hat – A lot of heat is lost through your head so a nice warm hat is a definite. The crazier the design the better! With everyone wearing the same thermal suit, crazy hat designs are a great way to make sure you get on the coach with your own children!

Gloves (including liners) – These almost go without saying, cold hands are no good at taking pictures! One of the first things to go cold on your body are your extremities (hands and feet) so keeping these layered up are vital.

Socks – As with gloves, these are going to be really important to bring with you. You will need to wear these under the provided woollen socks to make sure that you go home with the same number of toes that you arrived with!

Swim Stuff (For the Sauna!) – It is most likely that your accommodation will have a sauna and it would be terrible for you to miss out on this Finnish Tradition! True Finns wouldn’t bother with the swim suits and some saunas in resort are clothing optional!

Sensible Shoes – With Saariselkä being completely iced over throughout December the stilettos can probably stay at home! The walk from the plane to the terminal is over the snow so have some sensible shoes on.

Camera – Not necessarily a clothing item but one you should remember to ‘wear’. Ensure you have spare batteries and plenty of memory! You may only be in resort for a couple of days but there is plenty of opportunity to get pictures to take away as memories of your excellent holiday!

Finally, make sure you bring plenty of smiles and festive cheer to make your stay even more magical!