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Hannes the Husky

Hi, my name is Hannes and I love running and jumping and pulling and mushing, which is basically the same as running, and cuddling and panting and rolling…and RUNNING!

I bet that you can definitely guess what my favourite activity is… and even better I get to run whilst pulling you around my magical snowy home on a sled. On your Search for Santa day, you will be able to have a go on one of these amazing sled rides. Children have the most important job on the husky sled ride. My friends and I will be pulling you along whilst you have the best ride – snuggled up under a blanket on the sled.


To keep us running, you must shout ‘Mush, Mush!’ – the louder you shout, the faster we will run! Whilst you are spurring us on to keep running, the grown ups can take a turn at driving the sled itself. Have a look at this video of my friends and I and see if you can spot me!