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Husky Heaven

The barking of enthusiastic dogs will welcome you to this fantastic adventure where you are pulled along on a sled by a team of enthusiastic huskies. You enjoy the scenery and the dogs love doing their job.



A traditional way of travel

Nordic people have traditionally used teams of dogs for hunting and travel as they are perfectly suited to the conditions that you find in Lapland. Huskies are renowned for strength, speed and endurance and there are many breeds throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Compared to other dogs they have a thicker coat with a dense undercoat and a longer topcoat to give full protection against the Arctic winter. Generally they are highly intelligent and come in a variety of colours and patterns according to the breed.


Teams of dogs

The huskies work together as a pack and there is a very definite role for each dog within the team. There is always a leader who is the most experienced and intelligent dog and he or she is positioned at the front and will listen out for the commands. In the middle are the youngest and more inexperienced dogs whilst at the back are the strongest dogs who also keep a watchful eye on the younger dogs in front of them.


Take control of a team of huskies

It is easy to control a team of huskies and the guide explains the commands and exactly what you need to do. The driver stands on the back of a wheel-less vehicle or sled and there is a brake which can slow down the dogs and stop them. There is a ‘pack-instinct’ for one team of dogs to want to overtake the team in front but use of the brake and commands to the lead dog will keep you in control. There is room for one or two people to sit inside the sled and during the break, positions can be swapped and somebody else can have a go at driving.


Husky Heaven

You receive all the necessary equipment including the winter clothing and then receive a full brief on how to control the sled and the dogs. It is then time to meet your team before driving off through the pristine countryside. Use the brake to slow down the team and sometimes you will need to jump off and give them a little bit of help with a push on some small uphill sections. There is a stop for a rest and to swap drivers if required. It is an amazing experience that will be both exhilarating and relaxing as you charge across the snowy wilderness. At the end, don’t forget to thank your huskies, starting with the ‘top dog’ of the team.