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Your Private Meeting With Me

My Elves tell me that some families worry they may only see me amidst a crowd of strangers in a restaurant or hotel, so let me put your mind at rest straight away! On all my own Santa’s Magic and Santa’s Aurora trips, I meet every single family personally and individually at my own log-cabin home, and that’s a promise!

My little log-cabin is hidden away in the depths of the snowy Saariselkä woods, but my Christmas helpers, aided by a whisper of ancient magic, will guide your family’s ‘Search for Santa’ by snowmobile-sled (on Santa's Aurora this will be by a magical Reindeer ride) to my door. Here my Elves will greet you – cheeky, mischievous forest folk who love tumbling in the snow, throwing snowballs and tickling my younger visitors, so watch out and be prepared for anything! 

They will show you into my cabin, where I look forward to welcoming you as a family into my secret, magical world. I will have the letters that the children have written to me all ready to hand and we can chat through all their personal Christmas wishes. They can ask me any questions they may have and I may tell them some secrets. If you wish, my elves can take a few photographs of us all together, so don’t forget your camera!

When it’s time to say goodbye, I will give the children a special Lapland present that my toy-maker elves have been busy making that day, before your snowmobile-sled returns you to the ‘real world’, and for even more adventures in the snow.


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