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12 Joys of Santa’s Lapland

There is so much joy to be experienced in Lapland for the whole family. Find out the magical experiences to be had on a Christmas holiday to Lapland here.

Family opening a Christmas present

Forget the partridge in a pear tree, the two turtle doves and all the rest, how about the holiday of a lifetime for all the family instead? There are plenty of magical experiences to be had in Lapland that you and all the family will cherish for a lifetime. In this guide, we reveal the ultimate 12 joys of Santa’s Lapland.


1. Husky Sledding

Women with a husky

Our furry friends aren’t just adorable, they are also powerful! They love racing across the snow, giving guests an exhilarating sled-ride through the arctic wilderness, winding between the tall trees and fields of snow. Enjoying a trip on a husky sled is a truly joyous experience as you can sit back and take in the winter wonderland views.


2. Snow Hockey

Snow Hockey

Are you and your family up for challenging a team of Santa’s Lapland helpers? This activity will certainly bring plenty of laughs as well as a bit of healthy competition! During your search to meet Santa, you can spare a bit of time to pull on your snow boots and find out whether you’re the ultimate snow champion.


3. Santa's Reindeer

Man feeding a reindeer

Cosy up together under a blanket as you enjoy a wonderful ride through Lapland’s picturesque woods. Whether you have Dancer, Prancer, Comet or any of Santa’s favourite reindeer, they will be sure to take you through the most wonderful scenery of the snowy forests. Don’t forget to thank the reindeer, you can even visit them at Reindeer Centre, where you’ll get to feed the reindeer some of their tasty treats.


4. Giant Igloos

Giant igloo

Hidden amongst the trees in the snowy forests you’ll discover our magical igloos made entirely from ice and snow by Santa’s Helpers. Step inside one of the impressive igloos and you’ll be able to learn about some of the Elves’ secrets, from helping Santa with his naughty and nice list to how they make and wrap all the presents, just in time for Christmas. Like any activity in Lapland, you and your family will be sure to have bundles of fun as you join in with the Elves favourite games.


5. Cross-country Skiing

Cross country skiiers

Try something new and experience some cross-country skiing across the beautiful landscapes in Saariselkä. You will have a guide to ensure you’re on route and to share some cross-country skiing tips. This activity is easy to learn and can be enjoyed at your own pace, so why not try it for yourself during your Lapland Christmas trip.


6. The Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis

Northern lights

Seeing the mesmerising Northern Lights should be on everyone’s bucket list as this natural light show will take your breath away. There is no better place to watch the Northern Lights than in Lapland, so you and your family can watch colours of green, violet, yellow and blue dance in the sky whilst you huddle together under the stars.


7. Ice Fishing

Ice fishing

The beautiful frozen lake in Saariselkä is where you can try your hand at ice fishing. A traditional Sámi activity, ice fishing is a fun activity for you and your family to enjoy. Sit and wait to see which fish you catch through a hole in the lake before letting them go to carry on swimming with their friends.


8. Tobogganing

Girl on a toboggan

Race down the snowy slopes with your family, watching the snowy trees whiz past you as you pick up speed. You can borrow toboggans from your hotel or cabin for endless hours of fun. Make sure to have a go on the long purpose-built toboggan-run, as well as the specific areas that are great for young children wanting to have a go at this exciting activity.


9. Snow Shoeing

Snow shoeing

If you want to explore some of the best spots of Lapland a little more off the beaten track then snow-shoeing is your answer. You may be surprised how easy it is to manoeuvre in these funny-looking shoes. Giving you a much larger footprint, snow-shoes allow you to explore areas of fresh snow without getting stuck along the way.. So, if you and your family are keen to explore as much of the magical land as possible, put on some snowshoes and enjoy the freedom.


10. Elves

Elves in Lapland

When you’re out and about exploring the best activities Lapland has to offer, don’t forget to stop and chat with any Elves you spot along the way. Although they’re busy building presents and ensuring Christmas festivities run smoothly, this friendly bunch are always excited to play with guests. When visiting our Igloo Fantasia, you can even learn more about elf culture and all the cheeky activities they get up to – just don’t tell Santa!


11. Snowmobiling

Snowmobiling in Lapland

You and your family will never forget zooming through Lapland on a snowmobile, spotting local wildlife and even the Northern Lights! Our guides will take you on routes untouched by roads or walkers, so by hopping on a snowmobile, you’re guaranteed to spot some extraordinary views, from frozen lakes, snowy forests and unspoilt trails. We have experts on hand to keep you safe and answer any questions you may have, so you can enjoy this spectacular experience with peace of mind.


12. Visit with Santa

Santa in his Lapland home

Of course, the ultimate joy of Santa’s Lapland is meeting Santa himself. Although he is a busy man indeed, he always has time to sit and chat with all the children on your private family visit with him in his secret woodland log cabin, definitely a magical moment that you will never forget.

You and your loved ones can experience the joys of these magical activities for yourself next Christmas, but the true magic is enjoying some quality time together at the most wonderful time of the year.

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