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Have The Best Lapland Santa Experience With These Tips

A magical trip to Lapland to meet Santa is truly the experience of a life time. Make sure you and your family make the most of your trip with our handy tips:


    • Surprise them!

Make telling your children they’re going to meet Santa a moment they’ll never forget!
We have heard of many different ways, for example, Santa can send the invitations down the chimney so your children can find them in the fireplace or Santa leaving them hidden somewhere in the house so it turns into a treasure hunt. You can really get as creative as you like.
A lot of parents reveal the surprise only the day before, or even on the way to the airport – this just adds to the magic!


    • Wrap up warm!

Come prepared for the arctic conditions here in Lapland. We’ll provide everyone with a special all-in-one waterproof and thermal suit to keep you cosy, as well as boots, mittens and thermal socks.
We recommend you also bring lots of layers to go under the suits, gloves to go inside the mittens and scarves or face masks to protect those little noses and cheeks.
All of our flights include a good luggage allowance so it’s better to pack too many layers than to be chilly!
Read our Comfort and Safety tips for more information.


    • Expect the unexpected!

We want you to look forward to all the experiences you’ll have on a trip to Lapland, but part of what makes this trip so special is not knowing exactly what to expect – but with us our experienced Lapland Rangers are always on hand to help so go with the flow and enjoy the surprises as much as your children!


    • Embrace every moment!

Maximise your time in the snow by exploring the beautiful resort of Saariselkä, try all the activities on offer on your “Search for Santa Day” and then relax in your warm cosy cabin or hotel in the evenings.


    • When should you take your children?

There are no age restrictions for Santa’s Lapland, the beautiful scenery and one-of-a-kind activities can be enjoyed by adults and children alike, but we would recommend that you leave your little ones younger than 2 years at home. This is because they cannot run around and warm up like the rest of us or tell you when they are really cold, so the extreme temperatures can be very dangerous for them.
There is definitely no maximum age and all children up to the age of 12 receive a gift from Santa.
Some activities also suit certain ages better than others, we have found that Nan and Granddad often find the Husky Sled-Ride a little bumpy but enjoy the Reindeer’s Sleigh-Ride and children under 4 years are not recommended on the Northern Lights Snowmobile Safari as this can be very cold. Speak to one of our helpers in the UK office or a Lapland Ranger in resort for more advice.


We can’t wait to see you here in Lapland soon!