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Top 10 Things To Look Forward To In Lapland


One of my beloved friends, the huskies are full of energy! They are quite noisy, but that is the way they greet you! Full of excitement, these fun loving animals cannot wait to take off through the woods for a fun ride. With thick, warm, fluffy coats and beautiful eyes, these lovely creatures are one of my favourites in Lapland.


Without a doubt, my best friends! My trusty steeds for when I deliver all the presents on Christmas Eve and my favourite way to travel during the year, these beautiful creatures will take you on a magical ride through the snow topped trees of Lapland.

The Northern Lights

A sight not to be missed. This illusive phenomenon is really a once in a lifetime experience (although I am lucky enough to get to see them all the time!) Search for these magical lights which dance throughout the dark clear sky in greens, pinks and even violet colours. Make sure to listen to the guides who will tell you the mystical story of a magical fox who started the Northern Lights! 


Who wants to walk down a hill? Why not be like my elves, who love to zip down the hills in a Toboggan! See how fast you can go in one of our toboggans and race Mum and Dad to see who wins! 

Mini Skidoo

Not just for grown-ups! Mrs Claus and I made sure there was special mini skidoos for the children so that you can whizz around on these noisy, but super fun machines! 

Snow Hockey

When the Elves aren’t busy making presents, they love to burn some energy playing some snow hockey! When you come to visit me, we will have plenty of helpers on hand to challenge to a game or two. 

Ice Fishing

The Sami people rely on their fishing skills to help feed their families throughout the year, so why not learn the art of Ice Fishing! My top tip, patience! 

Elving Around

My Elves are the best in the world! With tons of energy, and a mischievous but kind personality, the Elves are always ready to play games and run around, so make sure you can keep up! Read more about my elves here…


Have you ever dreamt that you could eat as many pancakes as you wanted? Well now you have your chance! I make sure my helpers provide UNLIMITED pancakes when you spend the day with me and my friends. All washed down with some of the delicious Hot Berry Juice, you will be kept energised all day long! 

Meeting Santa

Last, but by no means least, you will get some fun family time with me! I can’t wait to finally meet you and hear all about you! 

So make sure you come to visit me this Christmas, and make it an extra special festive season! I just cannot wait to meet you!