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What to expect in Santa's Lapland | Santa's Lapland

Christmas Magic is in abundance in Santa’s Lapland! Our cheeky Elves are ready to make sure you all have permanent smiles on your faces! Santa and I know that you will have the best time.

But what else should you be prepared for?





Santa and I live over 200kms inside the arctic circle! In the winter, this means, there is very little daylight. So be prepared for some light around 10-11am until 2pm; the rest of the time, it is quite dark. But don’t worry, we have made sure there is lots of light for you to still enjoy the snow and fun activities! 


There are so many crazy critters around Santa’s Lapland. We have LOADS of Reindeer friends both in the wild and in our very special new Reindeer Centre! Keep an eye out for them when you are out and about! (Find out 5 fun Facts about Reindeer here!)

But there aren’t just Reindeer in the wild, from smaller Mountain Hares to great big Wolves, there are plenty of different forms of wildlife to spot! Make sure you tell Santa who you have seen! 


Being so far inside the Arctic Circle there is lots of snow and woodland around, but we don’t have many neighbours! The town is perfectly ample for your short visit with us, but you are definitely going to enjoy being in the Lapland Wilderness for a few days to escape your busy lives...


Snow, snow and more snow! There is lots and lots of the fun fluffy stuff when you come to visit. So get ready for building lots of snowmen, making snow angels and having some snowball fights! It can drop down below -20 so bring lots of layers for under your snowsuits to keep you warm. 

We can’t wait to welcome you this Christmas! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for our list detailing the best things to pack to keep you warm for your trip and how to make the most of your trip!