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We have partnered with Bagsahead to offer our guests the value added service of door to door luggage delivery. Plus with using our personal voucher code 'santaslapland' you can enjoy a 5% discount off their online pricing. Just enter it into the voucher code box when making your booking if it is not there automatically.

So, what to Bagsahead do?

They collect your collect your luggage from your home or work and deliver it to your destination in advance of your arrival so you don't have to wait around at carousels and check-in desks.

It means you can have a much easier journey to your destination and back home again. They transfer your standard luggage as well and with a higher weight allowance there is plenty of room for your snow boots and thermals.

Find out a little more about the service here or get in touch, they are very helpful.

You can also give them a call for a quotation on 0333 444 8000 or send your enquiry via email to hello@bagsahead.com.

Please note: Your contract will be with Bagsahead, not Santa's Lapland.